Rakes are used to spread new floor coatings to a desired thickness. A general guide is that the teeth of rakes will spread material to a maximum of 40% of tooth depth based on the material used (i.e.4mm tooth achieves a w.f.t of approximately).
Double Edged Rakes
Single Edged Rakes
Single edged notched rakes are made from 1.6mm mild steel fabricated with the blade and extension stick adaptor as an e-coated integral unit.
Polyurethane Rakes
Our Polyurethane Rakes are solvent resistant non-marking tools used to spread flowable floor coating materials. The flexible blade will not chatter or damage the primer medium. The replaceable blades have teeth on one side only and are fixed to our unique e-coated mild steel clamp style frames
Skeg Leveler
Our Skeg leveler has four replaceable pre-set skegs that determine the depth of overlay. This tool is the perfect choices for applying self smoothing materials to achieve uniform thickness. The skegs glide over the substrate with minimum tool chatter. The skegs are available as tap-out tap-in replacements in sets of four.
Triglide Floor Spreader is a foolproof,sample to use leveler for spreading semi flowable materials at precise thicknesses. It allows super quick application. Triglide has a stainless steel leveling scraper plate and pre-set replaceable Trigliders at each end with three contact points. When one contact points is worn, the wing nuts are simply loosened, the Triglider rotated to the new setting and fastened into place
Pin Leveler
Adjustable Pin Levelers spread flooring overlay compounds in one easy application. The tools are ideal for application of floor coating having good flow characteristics.
Our round pin leveler is made from 1.6mm Stainless steel with an aluminium pin plate holder incorporating five steel pins. It is easily adjusted from 0 mm to 10 mm for speedy set up.
Floor Spreader
Floor Spreader is an adjustable heavy- duty spreader for application of flowable flooring overlay materials applied in excess of 4mm thick. The 800mm long stainless steel leveling blade accommodates adjustable hardwearing steel skis at each end that provide adjustment from 0mm to 50mm
Squeegees are available in three sizes, 325mm 450 mm and 600mm wide for efficient spreading of primers & thin coatings. The blades are made from either firm white non-staining extruded solvent resistant nitrile rubber or ultra-soft natural non-marking black rubber. Replacement rubber blades are available in packs of 10
Squeegees & Squeegee Refills
Spatula are available in 3 sizes. The thin flexible spring  steel blade allows the tool to be used as a surface smoother providing trowelling qualities. It may also be used asa squeegee to apply thin film materials.
Combi Spatulas
Combi Spatulas are used for the Hypalon bandage joint sealing system to high movement joints. They control the width, thickness and finishing of epoxy adhesive.
Hand Trowels
Our trowels are for hand application of high build, self leveling coating and semi-flowable mortars.The trowel blades are made from tough hardened steel and are available with 290mm and 400mm "vee" tooth rectangular blades.
Screed Box
Floor screeding for cement bound or resin-based mortar is simplified by using stainless steel Screeding Box. There is no need for screeding bars, or time consuming inefficient setting up. Just set the height, weight the ballast cavity, load with material, and pull. By adjusting the front screeding plate to the required height the surfacing material is applied to a uniform finished thickness. The use of the Screeding Box will speed up application for a level flooring finish of consistent quality. Any abutting runs may be filled and smoothed by hand Trowelling
Spiked Rollers
Floor coating application is not successfully completed until it has been deaerated. Fresh floor coating must be spiked with a spiked roller during application. The operation of spiking also largely contributes to the leveling of certain types of flooring compounds.
Spiked Shoes
Our spiked shoes with 31mm & 25mm long steel spikes are used to gain safe access onto new flooring overlay systems. They should be worn whilst working on fresh coating and whilst deaerating the fresh surface when using our spiked roller. One size fits under most size users site shoe or boot with ladder lock straps to secure to the users footwear.
Application Tools
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